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Techniques and How to Feed Wild Birds

Have you ever seen a bird that likes to fly around our house? They go back and forth, sometimes in groups, sometimes alone. And generally the most common are flocks of sparrows and sparrows in urban …
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How to take care of baby finches

How to care for and care for finches puppies, the experience of finches lovers who have experience caring for this cucak family bird. How to care for and care for finches  Stepping: Combine the chick…
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How to Make a Simple Duck Cage From Bamboo

Duck cages - ducks are indeed farm animals that live in colonies unlike chickens that look for their own food, therefore in raising ducks it is necessary to have quite a lot of ducks. Ducks usually p…
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How to Make a Quality Goat Cage

A good cage system will determine the success of the goat business. This is because the cage system will assist in goat rearing management such as facilitating feeding and drinking, mating, handling …
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How to Grow Watermelon in a Pot

Watermelon is a water-rich fruit that must be familiar. The fruit is refreshing and contains many vitamins that are often used as a dessert after eating. Watermelon is more often grown in dry areas a…
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6 Ways to Take Care of Banana Trees to Have Big Fruits

Who doesn't know bananas? We are sure if all readers no one answered no. Must also memorize the types of bananas such as Ambon bananas, milk bananas, plantains, kepok bananas, mas bananas, and ma…
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